Risk Management Services

Our experience and our track record leave us well placed to manage and minimise risk, no matter what the challenge.

Our management team have operated in many countries throughout the world and gained extensive experience in Risk Management Best Practice. This knowledge has been put in place throughout all of our services and has established our aim to be an industry leader in Risk Management and Mitigation

Our Risk Management Services are tailored solutions designed to meet our clients specific needs. Our experienced management team can incorporate all of the group wide resources necessary to meet any customer requirements.


Our extensive Risk Management Solutions include:

Workforce Risk Solutions
Corporate Consultancy
Employee Screening and Vetting
Operation Planning and Preparation
Risk Assessment and Analysis
IT Security Consultancy
Activist Risk Mitigation
Human Resources Vetting & Recruitment
Organizatial Behavior and Emotional Intelligence


Intelligence Applications

The 21stcentury has given rise to new security threats, from terrorist motivation to technological advances that allow malefactors to communicate secretly. Intelligence organizations need to adjust to this new situation through a combination of upgraded working procedures and cutting-edge technological systems.

All services are provided by security veterans with real-world experience in fighting crime and terrorism, who deliver strategic consulting, security audits, hiring and vetting, training, and other professional services


Security Professional Services

Security professional services form an inseparable part of the Scorpion Arrow holistic approach to security. Our services draw on the unique security knowledge developed in many different countries like iraque,isrealas well as on the company’s projects in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Consulting services include Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment reports (TVRA), detailed site security surveys, study of ongoing conflicts for policy makers, and recommendations of the most effective security strategies and means.


Business Training

Scorpion Arrow Trainee department brings a unique approach to bridge the gap between leadership theory and practical experience, utilizing military-inspired best practices. This rigorous one-week course aims to develop:
Team building
Effective communication
Coaching & mentoring
Quick decision-making
Problem solving
Our boot camp training programs is geared for middle management and young professionals.


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